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 Selected Messages, Book Two

Section I--Fanaticism and Deceptive Teachings

Chapter 1. Warnings Against Sensational Teachings and Emotional Religion
Chapter 2. Early Fanaticism to Be Repeated
Chapter 3. The "Holy Flesh" Doctrine
Chapter 4. Warnings Against Deceptive Claims of the Spirit's Guidance
Chapter 5. Miracles Not a Test of God's Favor
Chapter 6. Our Safety Against Delusions

Section II--Erroneous and Subversive Movements

Chapter 7. The Divine Credentials
Chapter 8. Meeting the Claims of False Prophets
Chapter 9. Earmarks of Erroneous Teaching
Chapter 10. The Visions of Anna Phillips
Chapter 11. To Be on Guard
Chapter 12. The Three Angels and the Other Angel

Section III--Unwise Affiliations

Chapter 13. Should Christians Be Members of Secret Societies?
Chapter 14. Avoiding Labor Conflicts

Section IV--Counsels for Workers

Chapter 15. Admonition Will Be Heard
Chapter 16. Christ's Lifework and Ours
Chapter 17. Unity and Devotion
Chapter 18. An Appeal to D. M. Canright

Section V--The Remuneration of Our Workers

Chapter 19. An Object Lesson
Chapter 20. General Principles Governing Worker Remuneration
Chapter 21. The Workers in Our Institutions
Chapter 22. Financial Assistance in Worker Qualification
Chapter 23. Counsel to One Who for Financial Reasons Was Planning to Leave the Work of God

Section VI--Comfort and Encouragement

Chapter 24. Words to Those in Advanced Years
Chapter 25. Fortitude in Affliction
Chapter 26. Assurance to Those Facing Death
Chapter 27. The Bereaved

Section VII--The Use of Medicinal Agencies

Chapter 28. Statements on the Use of Drugs
Chapter 29. The Use of Remedies
Chapter 30. Ellen G. White's Use of Remedial Agencies
Chapter 31. Personal Experiences

Section VIII--General Counsels

Chapter 32. Proper Attitude in Prayer
Chapter 33. "No Other Gods Before Me"
Chapter 34. Useful Occupation Better Than Games
Chapter 35. Guidance by Chance
Chapter 36. Providing for the Day of Need
Chapter 37. The Aged Who Have No Homes
Chapter 38. On the Military Question
Chapter 39. Counsel on Voting
Chapter 40. Hops, Tobacco, and Swine
Chapter 41. Counsels on Certain Marriage Situations
Chapter 42. Counsel Regarding Intermarriage
Chapter 43. Miraculous Healing
Chapter 44. The Perils of Hypnosis
Chapter 45. A Call to Country Living
Chapter 46. Guided by God's Providences

Section IX--As We Near the End

Chapter 47. Preparing for the Final Crisis
Chapter 48. A Work of Purification Needed
Chapter 49. A Distinctive Name and People
Chapter 50. The Pillars of Our Faith
Chapter 51. Loyal or Disloyal
Chapter 52. The Church Triumphant
Chapter 53. Last Messages to the General Conference

Appendix 1--Disease and Its Causes

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Appendix 2--Important Factors in Choosing A Life Companion

Appendix 3--The Brotherhood of Mankind

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