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Christ Our Savior

1.   The Birth of Jesus

2.   Jesus Presented in the Temple

3.   The Visit of the Wise Men

4.   The Flight into Egypt

5.   Child Life of Jesus

6.   Days of Conflict

7.   The Baptism

8.   The Temptation

9.   Early Ministry

10. Teachings of Christ

11. Sabbathkeeping

12. The Good Shepherd

13. Riding into Jerusalem

14. "Take These Things Hence"

15. At the Passover Supper

16. In Gethsemane

17. The Betrayal and Arrest

18. Before Annas, Caiaphas, and the Sanhedrin

19. Judas

20. Before Pilate

21. Before Herod

22. Condemned by Pilate

23. Calvary

24. Death of Christ

25. In Joseph's Tomb

26. He is Risen

27. Go Tell My Disciples

28. Witnesses

29. The Ascension

30. Coming Again

31. A Day of Judgment

32. The Home of the Saved

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