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 From the Heart

FH-01-01 - The Old Year and the New

FH-01-02 - Watch and Pray

FH-01-03 - Understanding for All

FH-01-04 - Fervent Prayer

FH-01-05 - The Importance of Prayer

FH-01-06 - Prayer Lessons From Elijah

FH-01-07 - The Model Prayer

FH-01-08 - Prevailing Prayer

FH-01-09 - Rooted and Grounded in Christ

FH-01-10 - Striking Examples of Prayer

FH-01-11 - Prayers of Form and Prayers of Faith

FH-01-12 - Bible Religion Is Practical

FH-01-13 - Be Conformed to the Word

FH-01-14 - God Hears Prayers

FH-01-15 - Pray Without Ceasing

FH-01-16 - The Power of Prayer

FH-01-17 - God Speaks to Us

FH-01-18 - Bible Study Strengthens Intellect

FH-01-19 - Personal Study Is Essential

FH-01-20 - Jesus Reveals the Father

FH-01-21 - A Steward's Duty

FH-01-22 - Lay Up Treasure in Heaven

FH-01-23 - A New Mind Will I Give You

FH-01-24 - A Time for Prevailing Prayer

FH-01-25 - God's Word Our Light

FH-01-26 - The Word in Human Form

FH-01-27 - What the Word Is to Us

FH-01-28 - In My Name

FH-01-29 - God Will Not Turn Away From You

FH-01-30 - Cheerful Giving

FH-01-31 - The Prophetic Messenger Prays

FH-02-01 - Holiness in the Lord

FH-02-03 - Grow in Grace

FH-02-04 - Counterfeit Sanctification

FH-02-05 - Winning Back the Erring

FH-02-06 - The Secret of Spiritual Life

FH-02-07 - A Living Church

FH-02-08 - The Christian Race

FH-02-09 - Faith Is the Victory

FH-02-10 - Giving, a Habit Born of Love

FH-02-11 - The Christian's Rest

FH-02-12 - Developing a Godlike Character

FH-02-13 - Led by the Spirit

FH-02-14 - Adding and Multiplying

FH-02-15 - United With Our Maker

FH-02-16 - Heavenly Attributes

FH-02-17 - God's Blessings and Our Responsibility

FH-02-18 - Let Your Light Shine

FH-02-19 - Our Need of the Holy Spirit

FH-02-20 - Dare to Be a Daniel

FH-02-21 - Becoming a Child of God

FH-02-22 - Godliness With Contentment

FH-02-24 - The Only Treasure

FH-02-25 - God's Way, Not My Way

FH-02-26 - Unquestioning Faith

FH-02-27 - The Power of Song

FH-02-28 - Truth Conquers Evil

FH-03-01 - Sacrifice for the Cause of God

FH-03-02 - God Uses Us to Help Others

FH-03-03 - Deceitfulness of Riches

FH-03-04 - Give to God What Is His

FH-03-05 - Liberality and Love for God's Work

FH-03-06 - The Joy of Advancing God's Work

FH-03-07 - What God Values

FH-03-08 - Trust the Word, Not Feelings

FH-03-09 - The Word Became Flesh

FH-03-11 - True and False Sanctification

FH-03-12 - The Royal Family

FH-03-13 - Choose You This Day

FH-03-14 - The Example of Liberality

FH-03-15 - In Christ's Steps

FH-03-16 - God Needs Our Talents

FH-03-17 - Receiving to Give

FH-03-18 - First Things First

FH-03-19 - Christian Temperance

FH-03-20 - God's Innumerable Bounties

FH-03-21 - Jesus' Love Seen in the Clouds

FH-03-22 - God Revealed in Nature and Jesus

FH-03-23 - Hidden Treasure

FH-03-24 - Christ Connects Heaven to Earth

FH-03-25 - God and Mammon

FH-03-27 - Gathering or Scattering

FH-03-28 - Asking to Give

FH-03-29 - For the Mission Fields

FH-03-30 - Privilege of Giving

FH-03-31 - They Shall See His Face

FH-04-01 - The Great Supper

FH-04-02 - Two Sons

FH-04-03 - The Barren Fig Tree

FH-04-04 - I Have Many Things to Say Unto You

FH-04-05 - Wayside Hearers

FH-04-06 - Stony-ground Hearers

FH-04-07 - Thorny-ground Hearers

FH-04-08 - Good-ground Hearers

FH-04-09 - Opposition May Benefit Us

FH-04-10 - The Rich Man

FH-04-11 - The Laborers

FH-04-12 - A Teacher of Righteousness

FH-04-14 - The Unfaithful Servant

FH-04-15 - What Can Be

FH-04-16 - Captivating Words

FH-04-17 - The Vine and the Branches

FH-04-18 - The Pearl of Great Price

FH-04-20 - The Marriage of the King's Son

FH-04-21 - The Wedding Garment

FH-04-22 - The Lord's Vineyard

FH-04-23 - How Jesus Taught Truth

FH-04-24 - The Lost Sheep

FH-04-25 - The Prodigal Son

FH-04-26 - The Older Brother

FH-04-27 - The Good Samaritan, Part I

FH-04-28 - The Good Samaritan, Part 2

FH-04-29 - The Unjust Judge

FH-04-30 - The Pharisee and the Publican

FH-05-01 - Compare the Sinner and the Righteous

FH-05-03 - The Blessings of Benevolence

FH-05-05 - True Christians Are Happy

FH-05-06 - The Laodicean Church

FH-05-07 - The Creation

FH-05-08 - The Chance to Choose

FH-05-09 - The Fall

FH-05-10 - A Redeemer Is Promised

FH-05-11 - God's Mirror

FH-05-12 - Praise God!

FH-05-13 - A New Song

FH-05-14 - A Short Time

FH-05-15 - Come and Be Separate

FH-05-16 - One Day at a Time

FH-05-17 - Come Out From Among Them

FH-05-18 - The Two Ways

FH-05-19 - The Light of the World

FH-05-20 - True Temperance Is Well-balanced Living

FH-05-21 - Work Is a Blessing

FH-05-22 - The Eye of the Lord Is Upon You

FH-05-23 - Science and Revelation

FH-05-24 - Cheerful Service

FH-05-25 - Put God First

FH-05-26 - A Living Church

FH-05-27 - Rest in Christ

FH-05-28 - Ordained to Bring Forth Fruit

FH-05-29 - Be Separate From the World

FH-05-30 - The Blood on the Doorpost

FH-05-31 - There Is Work for Everyone

FH-06-01 - Jesus Is God

FH-06-02 - Enmity, God's Gift

FH-06-03 - Experiencing Forgiveness

FH-06-04 - Strong in Christ

FH-06-05 - Sweet Thoughts

FH-06-06 - Today's Assignment

FH-06-07 - Slow to Learn

FH-06-08 - The Great Source of Truth

FH-06-09 - Cleansing the Temple

FH-06-10 - Jesus Loves You

FH-06-11 - Jesus, the Fulfillment of Prophecy

FH-06-12 - The Uplifted Savior

FH-06-13 - The Ordinances

FH-06-14 - Principles in Business

FH-06-15 - A Teacher Sent From God

FH-06-16 - Beholding Christ

FH-06-17 - The Only Source of Truth

FH-06-18 - Secure in Jesus' Hands

FH-06-19 - Jesus' Convincing Power

FH-06-20 - As a Root Out of Dry Ground

FH-06-21 - True Riches

FH-06-23 - Remedy for Soul Poverty

FH-06-24 - Ministry of Comfort

FH-06-25 - Meekness, a Fruit of the Spirit

FH-06-26 - Hungering for Righteousness

FH-06-27 - The Fruits of Mercy

FH-06-28 - A Friend to the Pure in Heart

FH-06-29 - Harmony

FH-06-30 - Seek Peace

FH-07-01 - Salvation Promised

FH-07-02 - Cain and Abel Tested

FH-07-03 - The Anger of Cain

FH-07-04 - A More Excellent Sacrifice

FH-07-05 - The First Promise of the Gospel

FH-07-06 - Enoch

FH-07-07 - Enoch and the Spirit of Prophecy

FH-07-08 - Modern-day Enochs

FH-07-09 - The Promise to Israel

FH-07-10 - The Faith of Abraham, Part 1

FH-07-11 - The Faith of Abraham, Part 2

FH-07-12 - Heaven's Ladder

FH-07-13 - The Lord Is in This Place

FH-07-14 - An Example of Forgiveness

FH-07-15 - Joseph, a Type of Christ

FH-07-16 - Forty Years of Retraining

FH-07-17 - The Unlearning Experience

FH-07-18 - The Call of Moses

FH-07-19 - Double Bondage

FH-07-20 - God Will Surely Visit You

FH-07-21 - God's Superior Power

FH-07-22 - Let the Plagues Begin

FH-07-23 - Now Lice and Flies

FH-07-24 - Then Pestilence, Boils, and Hail

FH-07-25 - A False Confession and Promise

FH-07-26 - Locusts

FH-07-27 - Darkness Over the Land

FH-07-28 - Death of the Firstborn

FH-07-29 - The Passover

FH-07-30 - Christ, the Passover Lamb

FH-07-31 - The Repairer of the Breach

FH-08-01 - God Fulfilled His Promises

FH-08-02 - One Equal With God

FH-08-03 - An Unprepared People

FH-08-04 - The Joyful News

FH-08-05 - Where His Voice Was Heard

FH-08-06 - Christ as a Child

FH-08-07 - The Father's Business

FH-08-08 - An Example of Love

FH-08-09 - The Youthful Jesus

FH-08-10 - A Model for the Young

FH-08-11 - Living the Truth

FH-08-12 - Scripture Was Jesus' Guide

FH-08-13 - Jesus Was From Nazareth

FH-08-14 - By Words and by Example

FH-08-15 - Overcoming As Christ Overcame

FH-08-16 - Christ, the Way to Victory

FH-08-17 - Rejected

FH-08-18 - Revealing the Father

FH-08-19 - Blinded by Prejudice

FH-08-20 - Act When Opportunity Knocks

FH-08-21 - Abundant Evidence for Faith

FH-08-22 - The Blind Man Healed

FH-08-23 - The Water of Life

FH-08-24 - Quenching the Soul's Thirst

FH-08-25 - Feeding the 5,000

FH-08-26 - Receive to Give

FH-08-27 - The Joy of Christ's Fellowship in Heaven

FH-08-28 - Coworkers With Christ

FH-08-29 - Gethsemane

FH-08-30 - Calvary

FH-08-31 - A Job Well Done

FH-09-01 - Representative Men and Women

FH-09-02 - The Wise Men

FH-09-03 - Nicodemus

FH-09-04 - Full Surrender

FH-09-05 - The Call of Elisha

FH-09-06 - Answering God's Call

FH-09-07 - Never Look Back

FH-09-08 - Timothy

FH-09-09 - Joseph, God's Unwavering Witness

FH-09-10 - Victorious Over Temptation

FH-09-11 - Interpreter of Dreams

FH-09-12 - The Call of Gideon

FH-09-13 - Growing Confidence

FH-09-14 - Righteousness Gains the Victory

FH-09-15 - The Need for More Trust

FH-09-16 - Qualifications of the Chosen

FH-09-17 - Eavesdropping

FH-09-18 - God's Overarching Love

FH-09-19 - God's Victory

FH-09-20 - God Provides

FH-09-21 - Simple Faith

FH-09-22 - Acting on Faith

FH-09-23 - Simple Faith Rewarded

FH-09-24 - Daniel's Commitment to God

FH-09-25 - An Example of Trust and Prayer

FH-09-26 - Miraculous Transformation

FH-09-27 - Judas and John Contrasted

FH-09-28 - Mary's Offering

FH-09-29 - Learning From Peter's Experience

FH-09-30 - Peter's Restoration

FH-10-01 - A Twofold System of Law

FH-10-02 - God's Eternal Law

FH-10-03 - Glorifying God

FH-10-04 - The Dynamic Duo

FH-10-05 - Rest in Christ

FH-10-06 - Onward and Upward

FH-10-07 - Like Christ

FH-10-08 - A New Creation

FH-10-09 - The Purpose of Grace

FH-10-10 - The Impact of Truth

FH-10-11 - Christ in Light of the Law

FH-10-12 - Walk in Christ

FH-10-13 - Two Vital Lessons

FH-10-15 - How Faith Works

FH-10-16 - Be Honest With God

FH-10-17 - Guided by the Holy Spirit

FH-10-18 - Evidence of the Spirit's Work

FH-10-19 - Lights Shining in Darkness

FH-10-20 - Gifts of the Spirit

FH-10-21 - Pentecost

FH-10-22 - The Fruits of Pentecost

FH-10-23 - Pray for God's Spirit

FH-10-24 - The Coming Test

FH-10-25 - Last-day Delusions

FH-10-26 - Spiritualism and Its End

FH-10-27 - Be on Guard

FH-10-28 - Final Preparation

FH-10-29 - Nearness of the End

FH-10-30 - Fasten Your Eyes on the Future

FH-10-31 - A Divine Command

FH-11-01 - The Chosen of God

FH-11-02 - A Peculiar People

FH-11-03 - Separation From the World

FH-11-04 - God's People Identified

FH-11-05 - Christ's Representatives

FH-11-06 - Working With Christ

FH-11-07 - The Church to Advance God's Work

FH-11-08 - An Enlightened Church

FH-11-09 - Someone Is at the Door

FH-11-10 - Unity Is Essential

FH-11-11 - A Challenge to God's Church

FH-11-12 - God's Final Warning

FH-11-13 - Seal of God and Mark of the Beast

FH-11-14 - Image to the Beast

FH-11-15 - History Repeats Itself

FH-11-16 - Victory at Last!

FH-11-17 - Channels for the Sun of Righteousness

FH-11-18 - Source of All Truth

FH-11-19 - The Proclamation of God's Remnant

FH-11-20 - The Closing Work

FH-11-21 - Forgiveness Is Not Impossible

FH-11-22 - Work in the Cities

FH-11-23 - Reject Speculation

FH-11-24 - The Holy Spirit and the Remnant

FH-11-25 - A Holy People

FH-11-26 - A Perfected Church

FH-11-27 - A Reflection of Christ

FH-11-28 - Separate From the World

FH-11-29 - God's Temple

FH-11-30 - Coworkers With the Church in Heaven

FH-12-01 - A Colorado Sunset

FH-12-02 - John the Baptist's Example

FH-12-03 - A Voice in the Wilderness

FH-12-04 - Forerunner of Christ

FH-12-05 - As in the Days of Noah

FH-12-06 - Build an Ark, Noah

FH-12-07 - Noah's Unwavering Obedience

FH-12-08 - The End of Patience

FH-12-09 - God's Sabbath

FH-12-10 - The Sabbath in the Gospel Dispensation

FH-12-11 - Biblical Foundation for the Sabbath

FH-12-13 - Preparation for Jesus' Coming

FH-12-14 - Present Duty

FH-12-15 - Reflectors of Christ

FH-12-16 - Decisive Action

FH-12-17 - Heaven-filled Lives

FH-12-18 - Honor the Giver of Gifts

FH-12-19 - Individually Responsible

FH-12-20 - The Latter Rain

FH-12-21 - Accept the Invitation

FH-12-22 - To All Nations

FH-12-23 - The First and Second Advent

FH-12-24 - What a Christmas Present!

FH-12-25 - The Promise Fulfilled

FH-12-26 - A Resolution

FH-12-27 - Change in Raiment

FH-12-28 - Use What You Have

FH-12-29 - The Blessed Hope

FH-12-30 - Preparing for Heaven

FH-12-31 - Heaven Below and Heaven Above


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