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In Heavenly Places

Narrated by Ralph Martin

HP-01-01 - In Heavenly Places - Our Exalted Privilege

HP-01-02 - Getting Acquainted with God

HP-01-03 - Learning of God Through His Works

HP-01-04 - Love that is Measureles

HP-01-05 - Gift of God's Love

HP-01-06 - A Love Born of Mercy

HP-01-07 - Only One Redeemer

HP-01-08 - The Most Exalted Theme

HP-01-09 - Righteousness Through Christ

HP-01-10 - Not to Condemn But to Save

HP-01-11 - Infinite Power

HP-01-12 - Christ the Revelation of God

HP-01-13 - A Mutual Contract

HP-01-14 - A Change of Heart

HP-01-15 - God's Grace Transforms the Life

HP-01-16 - A Mighty Unseen Power

HP-01-17 - Sure Remedy for Sin

HP-01-18 - A New Creation

HP-01-19 - The Shepherd's Tender Care

HP-01-20 - God Has Chosen Me

HP-01-21 - Cooperating With Heaven

HP-01-22 - In the Hands of the Potter

HP-01-23 - The Heavenly Election

HP-01-24 - A Little Heaven Here

HP-01-25 - Building for Eternity

HP-01-26 - In Right Relation to God

HP-01-27 - Fellowship With Christ

HP-01-28 - Amazing Grace

HP-01-29 - The Gift of Peace

HP-01-30 - From Despair to Hope and Joy

HP-01-31 - The Peril of Neglect

HP-02-01 - Christ Exemplified God's Law

HP-02-02 - Our Link with Heaven

HP-02-03 - Wonderful Condescension

HP-02-04 - Mystery of All Mysteries

HP-02-05 - Christ Our Sacrifice and Surety

HP-02-06 - A Voluntary Sacrifice

HP-02-07 - Breaking the Power of Death

HP-02-08 - A Friend in the Heavenly Court

HP-02-09 - An Honored Guest

HP-02-10 - Our Sure Foundation

HP-02-11 - Under Which Standard

HP-02-12 - Inestimable Treasure

HP-02-13 - Abundantly Pardoned

HP-02-14 - Robed in Christ's Righteousness

HP-02-15 - In the Sunlight of the Cross

HP-02-16 - Under Christ's Yoke

HP-02-17 - Only One Pattern

HP-02-18 - Abiding in Christ

HP-02-19 - One with Christ

HP-02-20 - True to Our Name

HP-02-21 - How Much Does God Love Use

HP-02-22 - Partakers of the Divine Nature

HP-02-23 - Living Abundantly

HP-02-24 - Without Offence

HP-02-25 - The Happiest People

HP-02-26 - Grace and Dignity in Daily Duties

HP-02-27 - More than Conquerors

HP-02-28 - The Christian's All in All

HP-02-29 - Complete in Him

HP-03-01 - Let Us Ask of God

HP-03-02 - Whom God Accepts

HP-03-03 - Strength Through Prayer

HP-03-04 - Standing in the Light of Heaven

HP-03-05 - Letters to Heaven

HP-03-06 - Sweet Communion with our Saviour

HP-03-07 - Fervent Prayer

HP-03-08 - Nothing Too Small

HP-03-09 - Prayer Moves Heaven

HP-03-10 - Jesus the Mighty Petitioner

HP-03-11 - Asking In Christ's Name

HP-03-12 - Our Access to the Father

HP-03-13 - Our Personal Intercessor

HP-03-14 - The Spirit's Intercession

HP-03-15 - Ask in Faith

HP-03-16 - According to God's Will

HP-03-17 - The Secret of Spiritual Power

HP-03-18 - The Silent Heart Cry

HP-03-19 - Guard Jealously Your Hours for Prayer

HP-03-20 - The Secret Place of Prayer

HP-03-21 - With All Your Heart

HP-03-22 - Faith That Will Not Let Go

HP-03-23 - The Spirit of Submission

HP-03-24 - Prayer in the Home

HP-03-25 - The Prayer Meeting a Precious Season

HP-03-26 - The Blessings of Fellowship in Prayer

HP-03-27 - A Chain of Earnest, Praying Believers in Prayer

HP-03-28 - Reflecting God's Love

HP-03-29 - Songs of Praise

HP-03-30 - Praising God Before the World

HP-03-31 - Watch and Pray

HP-04-01 - Angel Guards

HP-04-02 - Angels in the Home

HP-04-03 - Special Care for the Weak

HP-04-04 - I Have a Guardian Angel

HP-04-05 - Working with the Angels

HP-04-06 - Angel Guidance

HP-04-07 - The Act of Faith

HP-04-08 - Faith Versus Sight

HP-04-09 - The Dangerous Seeds of Doubt

HP-04-10 - We Expect Too Little

HP-04-11 - The Faith That Avails

HP-04-12 - A Working Faith

HP-04-13 - How Faith Works

HP-04-14 - Trust Yourself with God

HP-04-15 - A Test of Faith

HP-04-16 - Shun Needless Worry

HP-04-17 - God Cares for You

HP-04-18 - Expressions of God's Love

HP-04-19 - Take God's Word on Trust

HP-04-20 - Battles to Fight

HP-04-21 - A Nominal Faith Not Sufficient

HP-04-22 - Abundant Mercy

HP-04-23 - Trust in Time of Trial

HP-04-24 - Trust in Times of Affliction

HP-04-25 - Trust When You Have Failed

HP-04-26 - Trust in Time of Difficulty

HP-04-27 - Trust When You Make Mistakes

HP-04-28 - The Garden of God's Promises

HP-04-29 - Feelings Not a Test

HP-04-30 - The Sure Anchor of Faith

HP-05-01 - The Heavenly Father's Claim

HP-05-02 - Our Example in Obedience

HP-05-03 - Building on Christ

HP-05-04 - Obedience the Test of True Religion

HP-05-05 - God's Word Our Guide and Counselor

HP-05-06 - The Great Standard of Right and Wrong

HP-05-07 - An Audience with the Most High

HP-05-08 - Joy and Consolation

HP-05-09 - A Safeguard Against the Enemy

HP-05-10 - The Source of Wisdom

HP-05-11 - How to Study the Bible

HP-05-12 - A Divine Helper

HP-05-13 - Heart Work

HP-05-14 - The Highest Culture

HP-05-15 - The Royal Path

HP-05-16 - In Touch with the Infinite

HP-05-17 - The Witness of the Spirit

HP-05-18 - Sanctifying Power

HP-05-19 - Freedom Through Christ

HP-05-20 - God's Way, Not Mine

HP-05-21 - The Highest Standard

HP-05-22 - Loyal to God or to Men

HP-05-23 - God's Test of Loyalty

HP-05-24 - Remember the Sabbath Day

HP-05-25 - Day of Delight and Blessing

HP-05-26 - The Measure of Responsibility

HP-05-27 - The Impress of Heaven

HP-05-28 - Filled With His Fullness

HP-05-29 - Weighed in Heaven's Balances

HP-05-30 - A Divine-Human Partnership

HP-05-31 - Blessings Unlimited

HP-06-01 - Building with God

HP-06-02 - The Battle for a Spiritual Mind

HP-06-03 - Will Your Thoughts Bear Inspection

HP-06-04 - Keeping the Heart

HP-06-05 - Christ in All Our Thoughts

HP-06-06 - Security in Right Thinking

HP-06-07 - In Harmony with God's Mind

HP-06-08 - Like Christ in Thought

HP-06-09 - Dare to be Different

HP-06-10 - No Partnership with the World

HP-06-11 - Severed from Earthly Things

HP-06-12 - Disentangled

HP-06-13 - The Vital Threads of Influence

HP-06-14 - A Network of Virtuous Influences

HP-06-15 - The Gold of Christian Character

HP-06-16 - The Gift of Speech

HP-06-17 - Educating the Tongue

HP-06-18 - Don't Retaliate

HP-06-19 - Fragrant in Word

HP-06-20 - Loyal to One Another

HP-06-21 - The Power of Truthfulness

HP-06-22 - Gracious Words

HP-06-23 - Kind and Courteous Words

HP-06-24 - No Sharp or Hasty Words

HP-06-25 - Growing Up in Christ

HP-06-26 - Don't be a Religious Dwarf

HP-06-27 - 'Unto a Perfect Man'

HP-06-28 - Perfect in Your Sphere

HP-06-29 - Revealing Christ's Likeness

HP-06-30 - Christ's Abiding Presence

HP-07-01 - The Christian's Pledge of Allegiance

HP-07-02 - Total Commitment to God

HP-07-03 - A Temple for God

HP-07-04 - Caring for the Body Temple

HP-07-05 - Our Reasonable Service

HP-07-06 - The Test of Appetite

HP-07-07 - The Battle for Purity

HP-07-08 - Danger at Every Step

HP-07-09 - Safeguarding the Moral Powers

HP-07-10 - Crucifying the Flesh

HP-07-11 - A Firm, Decisive 'No'

HP-07-12 - Complete Sanctification

HP-07-13 - Our Supreme Obligation

HP-07-14 - Marriage a Sacred Institution

HP-07-15 - The Bonds of Wedlock

HP-07-16 - Counsel to a Bride and Groom

HP-07-17 - Take Marriage Problems to God

HP-07-18 - Keeping Love Alive

HP-07-19 - The Widening Circle of Love

HP-07-20 - A Message to Parents

HP-07-21 - The Home a School

HP-07-22 - Training Our Children for Christ

HP-07-23 - Preparing for Heaven's School

HP-07-24 - Influence of Godly Parents

HP-07-25 - The Family Altar

HP-07-26 - Pattern for Children and Youth

HP-07-27 - Children the Objects of God's Special Care

HP-07-28 - A Message to Children

HP-07-29 - A Message to Youth

HP-07-30 - On Guard Against Satan

HP-07-31 - Is My Family Prepared to Meet the Lord

HP-08-01 - We are God's Property

HP-08-02 - All We Possess Comes From God

HP-08-03 - The Debt We Owe

HP-08-04 - A Time for Heart Searching

HP-08-05 - Using Our Talents for God

HP-08-06 - The Pathway of Sacrifice

HP-08-07 - The Voice of Duty

HP-08-08 - One Day at a Time

HP-08-09 - Each in His Place

HP-08-10 - Joy in Service

HP-08-11 - Demonstrating Christ's Love

HP-08-12 - Developing Self-Control

HP-08-13 - Overcoming Selfishness

HP-08-14 - Living for Others

HP-08-15 - Love the Impelling Motive

HP-08-16 - Self Hidden in Christ

HP-08-17 - The Precious Attribute of Meekness

HP-08-18 - The Measure of a Man's Worth

HP-08-19 - Mercy for the Merciful

HP-08-20 - Waves of Blessing

HP-08-21 - Streams in the Desert

HP-08-22 - God Honors the Humble

HP-08-23 - Faithful in Little Things

HP-08-24 - Unbending Integrity

HP-08-25 - Graces to Cherish

HP-08-26 - Cheerfulness Without Levity

HP-08-27 - Longsuffering with Joyfulness

HP-08-28 - No Place for Discouragement

HP-08-29 - Our Glorious Work

HP-08-30 - Christ's Legacy of Peace

HP-08-31 - Preparing to Meet Jesus

HP-09-01 - The 'Why' of Temptation

HP-09-02 - Christ the Mighty Conqueror

HP-09-03 - An Unseen Battle Over Every Soul

HP-09-04 - Keep Off Satanic Ground

HP-09-05 - Never Accept Satan's Dare

HP-09-06 - Victory in the Mighty Name of Jesus

HP-09-07 - No One Free from Temptation

HP-09-08 - Perils on Life's Pathway

HP-09-09 - Armed for the Conflict

HP-09-10 - Resolute Will Essential for Victory

HP-09-11 - As Steadfast As Daniel

HP-09-12 - None Need Be Overcome

HP-09-13 - Pressing Against the Current

HP-09-14 - Jesus Our Advocate

HP-09-15 - Under God's Discipline

HP-09-16 - Tests All Along the Way

HP-09-17 - The Polishing Process

HP-09-18 - No Exemption from Sorrow

HP-09-19 - Strength for Today

HP-09-20 - When Faith is Tried

HP-09-21 - Heaven's Honor Roll

HP-09-22 - In the Hour of Grief

HP-09-23 - Sweetness Through Affliction

HP-09-24 - Clouds Will Pass

HP-09-25 - Jesus Lights the Way

HP-09-26 - I Press Toward the Mark

HP-09-27 - Be Strong

HP-09-28 - Overcoming Power

HP-09-29 - We May Triumph Gloriously

HP-09-30 - The Overcomer's Reward

HP-10-01 - God's Church on Earth

HP-10-02 - Members of God's Household

HP-10-03 - Object of God's Tenderest Care

HP-10-04 - 'The Apple of His Eye'

HP-10-05 - Fitting Up for Heaven's Mansions

HP-10-06 - Loyal to the Family Name

HP-10-07 - A Relationship of Interdependence

HP-10-08 - One Brotherhood

HP-10-09 - Helping One Another

HP-10-10 - Living by the Golden Rule

HP-10-11 - Help for the Erring

HP-10-12 - Dealing with Evil Reports

HP-10-13 - 'Have Fervent Charity'

HP-10-14 - Strength for the Weak

HP-10-15 - A Helping Hand for the Despairing

HP-10-16 - Courtesy Toward All

HP-10-17 - Deliverance for the Oppressed

HP-10-18 - Followers of the Lamb

HP-10-19 - Ever Remember Your High Calling

HP-10-20 - Christlike Through Self-denial

HP-10-21 - The Peril of Riches

HP-10-22 - God's Prior Claims

HP-10-23 - God's Plan for Support of His Work

HP-10-24 - The Bible Rules for Giving

HP-10-25 - Settle Your Accounts with Heaven

HP-10-26 - 'A Memorial Before God'

HP-10-27 - Where Are Your Affections

HP-10-28 - Living Above the World

HP-10-29 - The Church and the World

HP-10-30 - 'Be Not Conformed'

HP-10-31 - Kept From the Evil

HP-11-01 - Our Mission to the World

HP-11-02 - Battling Moral Darkness

HP-11-03 - 'Arise, Shine'

HP-11-04 - Light Revealed in the Life

HP-11-05 - Light Bearers on the Way to Heaven

HP-11-06 - Sowing the World with Truth

HP-11-07 - The Most Powerful Argument

HP-11-08 - No Boundary Lines

HP-11-09 - Every Man Our Neighbor

HP-11-10 - Before the Heavenly Universe

HP-11-11 - Seekers for Truth

HP-11-12 - A Work for Everyone

HP-11-13 - Our Obligations to the Poor

HP-11-14 - 'Unto One of the Least of These'

HP-11-15 - To the Glory of God

HP-11-16 - Undaunted Courage

HP-11-17 - The Gracious Invitation

HP-11-18 - Hope for Lost Sinners

HP-11-19 - Where God Leads

HP-11-20 - God Gives the Increase

HP-11-21 - 'What Manner of Persons'

HP-11-22 - The Outpouring of the Spirit

HP-11-23 - The Promise is For Us

HP-11-24 - Deep Moving of the Spirit

HP-11-25 - The Gift All May Posses

HP-11-26 - Christ Accessible Through His Spirit

HP-11-27 - The Latter Rain

HP-11-28 - Echo the Message

HP-11-29 - A World to be Warned

HP-11-30 - Day of Triumph

HP-12-01 - Crisis of the Ages

HP-12-02 - Warning Messages

HP-12-03 - A Time of Trouble

HP-12-04 - 'While He May Be Found'

HP-12-05 - Probation's Closing Hour

HP-12-06 - A Work of Preparation

HP-12-07 - Our Sure Defense

HP-12-08 - Beware of Satan's Delusions

HP-12-09 - Truth Our Safeguard

HP-12-10 - A Moment of Respite

HP-12-11 - The Blessed Hope

HP-12-12 - Victory Over Death

HP-12-13 - Children of the Heavenly King

HP-12-14 - If Christ Should Come Today

HP-12-15 - Would You Be Ready

HP-12-16 - A Crown of Thorns - A Crown of Glory

HP-12-17 - Glory Indescribable

HP-12-18 - Judge of the Whole World

HP-12-19 - Justice Triumphant

HP-12-20 - Life or Death

HP-12-21 - Too Late

HP-12-22 - Confessing our Faith

HP-12-23 - The Soul Winner's Reward

HP-12-24 - To See the King

HP-12-25 - Glories of the Future World

HP-12-26 - 'Come, Ye Blessed'

HP-12-27 - Longing for Heaven

HP-12-28 - By the Tree of Life

HP-12-29 - Breathing the Atmosphere of Heaven

HP-12-30 - Joy Evermore

HP-12-31 - Kingdom of Holy Love

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