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 Lift Him Up

LHU-01-01 - Lift Him Up as the Son of God During the New Year

LHU-01-02 - The Pre-Existence of the Son of God

LHU-01-03 - The Self-Existent Son of God

LHU-01-04 - Equal With the Father

LHU-01-05 - Treason in Heaven

LHU-01-06 - Jesus Adored by Adam and Eve

LHU-01-07 - The Freedom of Choice

LHU-01-08 - The Way to Salvation

LHU-01-09 - A Door of Hope for Sinners

LHU-01-10 - Christ Alone Satisfies the Claims of God's Law

LHU-01-11 - A Perfect Sacrifice

LHU-01-12 - Sacrifices and Ordinances Revealed God's Divine Love

LHU-01-13 - The Hope of the Ages

LHU-01-14 - The True Character of God in Christ

LHU-01-15 - To be a Prophet

LHU-01-16 - The Wise Men Welcome Him

LHU-01-17 - Jesus Keeps His First Passover

LHU-01-18 - An Obedient Son to Earthly Parents

LHU-01-19 - A Spotless Example

LHU-01-20 - One Superior to Angels

LHU-01-21 - To Seek and Save the Lost

LHU-01-22 - He Represents the Father

LHU-01-23 - A Restorer

LHU-01-24 - Our Defender

LHU-01-25 - Assailed With the Fiercest Temptations

LHU-01-26 - Clothed in Christ's Righteousness

LHU-01-27 - Only One Unerring Pattern

LHU-01-28 - Nature Sympathized with His Suffering

LHU-01-29 - The Magnitude of His Sacrifice

LHU-01-30 - A New and Living Way for All

LHU-01-31 - Encircled With His Love

LHU-02-01 - The Law of Life for the Universe

LHU-02-02 - The Creation of the World

LHU-02-03 - Created in God's Image

LHU-02-04 - The Creator Planned for Our Happiness

LHU-02-05 - God's Love Expressed in Creation

LHU-02-06 - Worship the Creator

LHU-02-07 - Earth's First Week

LHU-02-08 - The Sabbath Points to the Creator

LHU-02-09 - The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

LHU-02-10 - His by Creation and Redemption

LHU-02-11 - The Soul Re-Created in the Image of God

LHU-02-12 - Power Over the Tempest

LHU-02-13 - Created Anew

LHU-02-14 - Creation Provides Evidence for Faith

LHU-02-15 - All Truth Agrees

LHU-02-16 - Unlimited in Power

LHU-02-17 - Power to Multiply

LHU-02-18 - Joseph Honored the Creator

LHU-02-19 - Our Vital Force

LHU-02-20 - Yielding to the Master Potter

LHU-02-21 - God's Words Created His Works

LHU-02-22 - God's Creative Energy Upholds the Universe

LHU-02-23 - God's Power in Nature and Us

LHU-02-24 - The Heavenly Sower

LHU-02-25 - Growth Comes from God

LHU-02-26 - Totally Dependent Upon the Creator

LHU-02-27 - One Pulse of Life in All Creation

LHU-02-28 - He Supplies Our Needs

LHU-03-01 - Christ Took Upon Himself Human Nature

LHU-03-02 - The Birth of Christ an Unfathomable Mystery

LHU-03-03 - Two Natures Blended in One

LHU-03-04 - The Spirit in Christ from Youth

LHU-03-05 - Jesus Assured of His Sonship

LHU-03-06 - Jesus, Our Example

LHU-03-07 - He Showed Us How to Overcome

LHU-03-08 - We Have Found the Messias

LHU-03-09 - Brothers to Sinners and Saints

LHU-03-10 - An Example of Obedience

LHU-03-11 - Mercy Toward the Demoniacs

LHU-03-12 - We Must Believe in Him

LHU-03-13 - He is the Sun of Righteousness

LHU-03-14 - He is Always Near

LHU-03-15 - He Understands Our Motives

LHU-03-16 - His Compassion

LHU-03-17 - Sympathy to All

LHU-03-18 - A Fountain of Pleasure and Joy

LHU-03-19 - Always Presenting the Word of God

LHU-03-20 - Seek Help from Jesus, Not Sinful Humans

LHU-03-21 - Jesus the Prince of Peace

LHU-03-22 - Christ's Matchless Tenderness

LHU-03-23 - Reaching Forward to Perfection

LHU-03-24 - Our Elder Brother Brings Us Rest

LHU-03-25 - Choose Him as Our Trusted Friend

LHU-03-26 - Order and Perfection Seen in All He Did

LHU-03-27 - Lift Him Up the Risen Saviour

LHU-03-28 - Ascended to Heaven in Human Form

LHU-03-29 - Glorified Before the Universe

LHU-03-30 - In the Father's Arms

LHU-03-31 - At the Right Hand of God

LHU-04-01 - The Bread of Life

LHU-04-02 - The Word Our Spiritual Food

LHU-04-03 - The Bread of Life and the Robe of Righteousness

LHU-04-04 - Jesus Sowed the Seed of the Living Word

LHU-04-05 - Feed on the Bread of Life

LHU-04-06 - The Bread of Life Revives the Spiritual Nature

LHU-04-07 - Bible Study Strengthens the Intellect

LHU-04-08 - Treasures of Truth Revealed

LHU-04-09 - The Truth in Christ is Measureless

LHU-04-10 - Compare Scripture with Scripture

LHU-04-11 - The Bible is its Own Expositor

LHU-04-12 - Sound Doctrine

LHU-04-13 - The Bible—A Perfect Whole

LHU-04-14 - The Glory of a Divine Power

LHU-04-15 - The Knowledge of the Lord

LHU-04-16 - Spiritual Food for Growth and Strength

LHU-04-17 - Constantly Increasing in Discernment

LHU-04-18 - For This Life and the Life to Come

LHU-04-19 - Sanctified by Truth

LHU-04-20 - The Holy Spirit in the Life

LHU-04-21 - The Word of God Our Safeguard

LHU-04-22 - The Bread of Life for the Hungry

LHU-04-23 - All Heaven is Watching

LHU-04-24 - Seek for the Living Bread

LHU-04-25 - Success for Your Efforts

LHU-04-26 - Our Only Safeguard in Trial and Temptation

LHU-04-27 - Daily Bread Assured

LHU-04-28 - Lessons from Timothy

LHU-04-29 - Sitting at the Feet of Jesus

LHU-04-30 - Results from Eating the Bread of Life

LHU-05-01 - The Claims of the Law of God

LHU-05-02 - God's Law Stands for Ever

LHU-05-03 - Keeping the Sabbath

LHU-05-04 - The Center of the Law

LHU-05-05 - A Special, Distinguishing Sign

LHU-05-06 - The Law for Man's Happiness

LHU-05-07 - God's Law Never Changes

LHU-05-08 - The First Great Commandment

LHU-05-09 - No Other Gods

LHU-05-10 - Honor for Those Who Honor God

LHU-05-11 - Obeying God's Law

LHU-05-12 - Exalting God's Law

LHU-05-13 - The Law and Gospel in Harmony

LHU-05-14 - Christ's New Commandment

LHU-05-15 - All May Wear the Crown

LHU-05-16 - The Royal Law Measures Character

LHU-05-17 - The Principle of Love in the Law

LHU-05-18 - The Plan of Redemption

LHU-05-19 - The Truth as it is in Jesus

LHU-05-21 - In Harmony With God's Law

LHU-05-22 - The Complete Saviour

LHU-05-23 - The Law is Complete in Itself

LHU-05-24 - Christ Magnifies the Law

LHU-05-25 - Obedience to Physical and Moral Laws

LHU-05-26 - Results of Obedience to Physical Laws

LHU-05-27 - Christ is the Center of the Law

LHU-05-28 - In the School of Christ

LHU-05-29 - The Robe of Christ's Own Righteousness

LHU-05-30 - Transforming Power of Obedience to God's Law

LHU-05-31 - Teachers to Uphold God's Law

LHU-06-01 - The Great Teacher

LHU-06-02 - The Teacher Sent By God

LHU-06-03 - Disciples of the Heavenly Teacher

LHU-06-04 - Christ Invites Our Confidence

LHU-06-05 - Christ Teaches Heavenly Things

LHU-06-06 - Daily Speak the Words of Christ

LHU-06-07 - Jesus’ Teaching—Simple, but With Authority

LHU-06-08 - Important Spiritual Lessons Taught

LHU-06-09 - Jesus Taught Industry By His Own Example

LHU-06-10 - Christ Delegates Power to Us

LHU-06-11 - Learning from the Divine Teacher

LHU-06-12 - Christ's Teaching Embraced the World

LHU-06-13 - To Know God is to Obey Him

LHU-06-14 - The Holy Spirit Given to Teach Us

LHU-06-15 - Christ's Method of Teaching

LHU-06-16 - The Humble Searcher May Learn

LHU-06-17 - Teaching Children

LHU-06-18 - By the Ties of Human Sympathy

LHU-06-19 - A Satisfying Fountain

LHU-06-20 - True Higher Education

LHU-06-21 - Beholding Christ

LHU-06-22 - We Are Blessed As We Teach Others

LHU-06-23 - Students in the School of Christ

LHU-06-24 - Bear a Living Testimony

LHU-06-25 - He Was All He Claimed

LHU-06-26 - Christ's Favorite Subject

LHU-06-27 - The Highest of All Education

LHU-06-28 - God Himself Was Daniel's Teacher

LHU-06-29 - Taught by the World's Greatest Educator

LHU-06-30 - Putting the Word of God into Practice

LHU-07-01 - Christ is the Chief Shepherd

LHU-07-02 - Christ is the Door

LHU-07-03 - The Deliverer a Humble Shepherd

LHU-07-04 - A Shepherd's Crook for a Sceptre

LHU-07-05 - A Connection with the Chief Shepherd

LHU-07-06 - The Good Shepherd

LHU-07-07 - The Divine Shepherd

LHU-07-08 - The Shepherd Knows Every Sheep

LHU-07-09 - The Shepherd Leads the Way

LHU-07-10 - The Shepherd Gave His Life for the Sheep

LHU-07-11 - The Lost Sheep

LHU-07-12 - Estimate of a Lost Sheep

LHU-07-13 - Christ Came to Seek the Lost Sheep

LHU-07-14 - The Lost Sheep a Special Burden

LHU-07-15 - Finding the Lost Sheep

LHU-07-16 - True Sheep Hear the True Shepherd

LHU-07-17 - Joy Over One Sinner that Repenteth

LHU-07-18 - We are Undershepherds

LHU-07-19 - Brought Back by the Shepherd

LHU-07-20 - The Sheep of His Pasture

LHU-07-22 - Feeding the Flock

LHU-07-23 - Special Care of the Flock

LHU-07-24 - The Gentle and Caring Shepherd

LHU-07-25 - The Tenderness of the Shepherd

LHU-07-26 - Christ is Everything to Those Who Receive Him

LHU-07-27 - The Shepherd Calls His Sheep by Name

LHU-07-28 - Undershepherds

LHU-07-29 - The Converted Peter, an Undershepherd

LHU-07-30 - In Meekness Feed the Lambs

LHU-07-31 - The Voice of the True Shepherd

LHU-08-01 - What Matchless Love!

LHU-08-02 - Hope and Salvation to the World

LHU-08-03 - The Grand, Central Truth

LHU-08-04 - The Cross is the Center

LHU-08-05 - Lift Him Up, the Man of Calvary

LHU-08-06 - His Crowning Work

LHU-08-07 - Christ Died for Us

LHU-08-08 - Souls Rescued from Satan's Power

LHU-08-09 - Conqueror Over the Power of Darkness

LHU-08-10 - By Faith, Christ was Victor

LHU-08-11 - Look, Believe, and Live

LHU-08-12 - Transformation Through Christ

LHU-08-13 - The Graces of His Character

LHU-08-14 - The Spotless Lamb of God

LHU-08-15 - The Value of a Soul

LHU-08-16 - A Person's True Worth

LHU-08-17 - Christ Elevates Humanity

LHU-08-18 - An Atmosphere of Hopefulness and Cheer

LHU-08-19 - Surrender to Christ

LHU-08-20 - The One Object of Supreme Regard

LHU-08-21 - Glorify the Master

LHU-08-22 - God's Workmen

LHU-08-23 - “Live, Sinner, Live!”

LHU-08-24 - The Eternal Weight of Glory

LHU-08-25 - By Beholding We Become Changed

LHU-08-26 - Love and Justice Harmonized

LHU-08-27 - This World a Battlefield

LHU-08-28 - Gather About the Cross

LHU-08-29 - Nature in the Light of Calvary

LHU-08-30 - Lay Your Guilt at the Foot of the Cross

LHU-08-31 - A Crucified and Risen Saviour

LHU-09-01 - Spiritual and Physical Maladies Healed

LHU-09-02 - Healing for Spiritual Blindness

LHU-09-03 - Health to Body and Soul

LHU-09-04 - Strong in the Strength of God

LHU-09-05 - The Fruits of Self-Denial

LHU-09-06 - Wait Upon the Lord for Strength

LHU-09-07 - Moral and Spiritual Perfection Promised

LHU-09-08 - Think of God Continually

LHU-09-09 - Spiritual Power

LHU-09-10 - Be Strong in His Grace

LHU-09-11 - Conformity to the Will of God

LHU-09-12 - Salvation of Children

LHU-09-13 - Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Development

LHU-09-14 - Moral Powers to be Tested

LHU-09-15 - Body and Mind Inseparable

LHU-09-16 - Minds Filled with God's Promises

LHU-09-17 - Fruit Bearing

LHU-09-18 - Spiritual Development Through Service

LHU-09-19 - Hid with Christ in God

LHU-09-20 - Christ Has Promised Us Rest

LHU-09-21 - The Plan of Redemption a Gift

LHU-09-22 - The Power of God's Love

LHU-09-23 - Firm Reliance on Christ

LHU-09-24 - The Sanctifying Power of the Truth

LHU-09-25 - True Humility

LHU-09-26 - In Harmony with Christ

LHU-09-27 - Words are an Index

LHU-09-28 - Hezekiah Humbled Himself

LHU-09-29 - Personal Influence is a Power

LHU-09-30 - The True, the Frank, the Honest

LHU-10-01 - The Head of the Church

LHU-10-02 - Laborers with Him

LHU-10-03 - Christ Glorified in His People

LHU-10-04 - A Royal Name

LHU-10-05 - Let the Church Arise and Shine

LHU-10-06 - Heaven Waiting to Cooperate

LHU-10-07 - Church to be Added to Church

LHU-10-08 - The Greatest Object

LHU-10-09 - Unity in the Church

LHU-10-10 - Purity

LHU-10-11 - Love—The Evidence of Discipleship

LHU-10-12 - Secret Prayer and Bible Study

LHU-10-13 - The Truth Will Conquer

LHU-10-14 - A Decided Reformation Needed

LHU-10-15 - The Ordinance of Baptism

LHU-10-16 - The Blessings of the Sabbath Services

LHU-10-17 - Recognizing God's Ownership

LHU-10-18 - Unfading Beauty

LHU-10-19 - The Root and Fruit

LHU-10-20 - Present Something Better

LHU-10-21 - Waiting to be Gathered In

LHU-10-22 - Third Angel's Message

LHU-10-23 - Press Together! Press Together!

LHU-10-24 - Every Church a Training School

LHU-10-25 - A Great Reformatory Movement

LHU-10-26 - God's Chosen People

LHU-10-27 - Always a Witness in the Church

LHU-10-28 - The Church will Triumph

LHU-10-29 - The Light of Truth

LHU-10-30 - Power of God, Not Self

LHU-10-31 - Christ's Eternal Vigilance

LHU-11-01 - Jesus Our Advocate

LHU-11-02 - In the Heavenly Courts

LHU-11-03 - An Intercessor

LHU-11-04 - The Present Mediatorial Work of Christ

LHU-11-05 - Our Infallible Judge

LHU-11-06 - The Great Atonement

LHU-11-07 - The Record Books in Heaven

LHU-11-08 - The Book of Life

LHU-11-09 - The Judgment Set—The Books Opened

LHU-11-10 - Enrolled in the Record Books of Heaven

LHU-11-11 - The Sanctuary in Heaven

LHU-11-12 - Living in the Great Day of Atonement

LHU-11-13 - Faith in the Atonement

LHU-11-14 - The Atonement—Our Foundation of Peace

LHU-11-15 - Cling Closely to Jesus

LHU-11-16 - Do Not Judge

LHU-11-17 - The Only True Standard of Character

LHU-11-18 - Truth the Basis of Character

LHU-11-19 - Christ Spoke as a Judge

LHU-11-20 - All Must Appear in the Judgment

LHU-11-21 - Faithful Mothers Honored in the Judgment

LHU-11-22 - Choose Christ for Yourself

LHU-11-23 - To be a Christian is to be Christlike

LHU-11-24 - The Standard of Character in the Judgment

LHU-11-25 - The Crown of Life

LHU-11-26 - When Christ Comes His Reward is with Him

LHU-11-27 - Our Merciful and Faithful High Priest

LHU-11-28 - At the Day of Judgment

LHU-11-29 - Those Written in the Book of Life

LHU-11-30 - All Judgment to the Son

LHU-12-01 - The King is Coming

LHU-12-02 - Enoch and the Second Coming of Christ

LHU-12-03 - Arouse to Action

LHU-12-04 - To All the World

LHU-12-05 - We Are Capable of Better Things

LHU-12-06 - Redeeming the Time

LHU-12-07 - Steadfast Unto the End

LHU-12-08 - The Last Crisis

LHU-12-09 - Called to be Witnesses

LHU-12-10 - Seek to Save the Lost

LHU-12-11 - Radical Changes Are to Be Made

LHU-12-12 - Nothing Between Us and God

LHU-12-13 - Then We Shall Know

LHU-12-14 - The Lord Will Come More Quickly Than Many Expect

LHU-12-15 - A Lesson in Temperance

LHU-12-16 - On the Edge of a Stupendous Crisis

LHU-12-17 - Preparation for Christ's Coming

LHU-12-18 - To Glorify God—Our Great Motive

LHU-12-19 - The Transformation of Grace

LHU-12-20 - Watch and Pray

LHU-12-21 - Simple Faith Unites Us to God

LHU-12-22 - An Invisible Struggle

LHU-12-23 - Lessons from the Antediluvians

LHU-12-24 - Waiting and Watching

LHU-12-25 - The First and Second Advent

LHU-12-26 - God Will Not Forget His Children

LHU-12-27 - Fitted for Translation

LHU-12-28 - The Finishing Touch of Immortality

LHU-12-29 - The Robe of Christ's Righteousness

LHU-12-30 - Learning for Eternity

LHU-12-31 - Partakers With Christ of His Glory


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