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Narrated by Ralph Martin

Mar-01-01 - The First Coming of Jesus

Mar-01-02 - The Lesson of Bethlehem

Mar-01-03 - When Jesus was Born

Mar-01-04 - The Hope of the Second Coming

Mar-01-05 - The Keynote of Scripture

Mar-01-06 - Faith of the Reformers

Mar-01-07 - The Key to History

Mar-01-08 - Parallel Disappointments

Mar-01-09 - Humble Men Proclaim the Message

Mar-01-10 - The Truth will Triumph

Mar-01-11 - Hastening Our Lord's Return

Mar-01-12 - Last Warnings of the Third Angel

Mar-01-13 - He shall Reign Forever

Mar-01-14 - The Elijah Prophecy

Mar-01-15 - Uplift Jesus as the Center

Mar-01-16 - The Field is the World

Mar-01-17 - God's Judgments in the Land

Mar-01-18 - A Better and Nobler Way

Mar-01-19 - When the Loud Cry Sounds

Mar-01-20 - The Faithful Ones will not Fail

Mar-01-21 - Labor to Win Even One Soul

Mar-01-22 - Study Daniel and the Revelation

Mar-01-23 - Intolerance and Persecution

Mar-01-24 - The Church will not Fall

Mar-01-25 - The Counterfeit Revival

Mar-01-26 - Presumptuous, Careless Delay

Mar-01-27 - A Heaven to Win

Mar-01-28 - Blessings Upon the Watchful Ones

Mar-01-29 - Troubles on All Sides

Mar-01-30 - Intercessory Prayers for Souls

Mar-01-31 - To Weep or to Rejoice

Mar-02-01 - Climactic Moment

Mar-02-02 - A High Standard

Mar-02-03 - Weighing Time

Mar-02-04 - Will You Stand the Test

Mar-02-05 - An Infallible Guide

Mar-02-06 - Ready to Answer

Mar-02-07 - The Feast that Satisfies

Mar-02-08 - Moral Independence

Mar-02-09 - Any Idols Here

Mar-02-10 - Search Your Own Heart

Mar-02-11 - Searching Questions

Mar-02-12 - Dare you be Different

Mar-02-13 - Uproot Every Seed of Doubt

Mar-02-14 - Spiritual Giant or Dwarf

Mar-02-15 - Wise or Foolish

Mar-02-16 - Now, Always Now

Mar-02-17 - The Last Watch

Mar-02-18 - Only One Safe Course

Mar-02-19 - The Faith that Works

Mar-02-20 - Beware of Satan's Agents

Mar-02-21 - Temptations in Disguise

Mar-02-22 - Why Christ Delays His Coming

Mar-02-23 - A Goal to Reach

Mar-02-24 - No Time to Do the Devil's Work

Mar-02-25 - Satan's Last Campaign

Mar-02-26 - Through Heaven's Gates

Mar-02-27 - The Vision is Sure

Mar-02-28 - A Safe Refuge

Mar-03-01 - A Crisis Ahead

Mar-03-02 - Healing for Sin-Sick Souls

Mar-03-03 - A New Life

Mar-03-04 - Life's Top Priority

Mar-03-05 - Heaven's Flawless Pearl

Mar-03-06 - Christ the Only Saviour

Mar-03-07 - Taste for Yourself

Mar-03-08 - Citizens of Heaven

Mar-03-09 - A Fuller Knowledge of God

Mar-03-10 - The Highest Kind of Meditation

Mar-03-11 - White Raiment Required

Mar-03-12 - Joy in Obedience

Mar-03-13 - Shaping Up in God's Workshop

Mar-03-14 - Physical Health and Noble Thinking

Mar-03-15 - The Sowing and Reaping of Life

Mar-03-16 - The Character Heaven Approves

Mar-03-17 - Climbing Peter's Ladder

Mar-03-18 - The Breath of the Soul

Mar-03-19 - The Secret of Progress

Mar-03-20 - Unwavering Faith

Mar-03-21 - Pure in Heart and Life

Mar-03-22 - Bible Sanctification Defined

Mar-03-23 - Be Alert for Satan's Devices

Mar-03-24 - Proof Against Every Temptation

Mar-03-25 - Why Probation Lingers

Mar-03-26 - Your Case Coming Up

Mar-03-27 - A Standard you can Trust

Mar-03-28 - The Scriptures Our Safeguard

Mar-03-29 - God's Pledge of Security

Mar-03-30 - A Deep and Living Experience

Mar-03-31 - 'Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready'

Mar-04-01 - Greatest Work in the World

Mar-04-02 - The Message of the Cross

Mar-04-03 - Motivated by Love

Mar-04-04 - The Place to Begin Witnessing

Mar-04-05 - A World in Need

Mar-04-06 - Teaching from House to House

Mar-04-07 - One-to-One Witnessing

Mar-04-08 - Sound an Alarm

Mar-04-09 - God's Special Message for Today

Mar-04-10 - A Time for Decision

Mar-04-11 - Living to Save Others

Mar-04-12 - Pathway to Life

Mar-04-13 - In Partnership with Christ

Mar-04-14 - Representatives of the Saviour

Mar-04-15 - A Character the World will Recognize

Mar-04-16 - The Testimony the World Needs

Mar-04-17 - When God Makes Up Deficiencies

Mar-04-18 - Preaching with Power

Mar-04-19 - 'Behold the Lamb of God'

Mar-04-20 - God's Call to Reform

Mar-04-21 - Promote Healthful Living

Mar-04-22 - Virtue of Self-Forgetfulness

Mar-04-23 - The Youth, God's Instruments

Mar-04-24 - A Work for All Ages

Mar-04-25 - Why so Many Idlers

Mar-04-26 - All Our Treasures for God

Mar-04-27 - A Twofold Life

Mar-04-28 - Mistaken Zeal

Mar-04-29 - A Sure Foundation

Mar-04-30 - Heaven is Waiting for You

Mar-05-01 - God will Guide His People

Mar-05-02 - Satan Redoubles His Efforts

Mar-05-03 - Momentous Struggle Before Us

Mar-05-04 - Wresting the Scriptures

Mar-05-05 - False Theories About God

Mar-05-06 - The Perils of False Science

Mar-05-07 - A Masterpiece of Satan's Deceptions

Mar-05-08 - The Times and Seasons

Mar-05-09 - 'As it was in the Days of Noe'

Mar-05-10 - A Great Terror Soon to Come

Mar-05-11 - Youth and the Drug Syndrome

Mar-05-12 - External Parade of Heathen Power

Mar-05-13 - Turmoil in the Cities

Mar-05-14 - Prejudice on the Increase

Mar-05-15 - The Lust for Nakedness

Mar-05-16 - The Criers of Peace

Mar-05-17 - Sights and Sounds and Criminality

Mar-05-18 - Spiritism and Revolution

Mar-05-19 - Beware of Man-Made Tests

Mar-05-20 - Healing can be from the Devil

Mar-05-21 - The Violent Earth

Mar-05-22 - Signs in the Heavens

Mar-05-23 - The Stars of Heaven Fall

Mar-05-24 - Ottoman Empire in Prophecy

Mar-05-25 - Low State of Morals

Mar-05-26 - Fanaticism and Tongues Speaking

Mar-05-27 - Prove All Things

Mar-05-28 - Counterfeits

Mar-05-29 - Watch Out for the Dividers

Mar-05-30 - The Results of False Visions

Mar-05-31 - Moving into Line

Mar-06-01 - Coming Events Clearly Revealed

Mar-06-02 - Preparation for what Lies Ahead

Mar-06-03 - Satan's Groundwork for the Final Conflict

Mar-06-04 - The Devil's Strategy Against Sabbathkeeper

Mar-06-05 - The Image to the Beast Set Up

Mar-06-06 - Apostasy Prepares the Way

Mar-06-07 - Spiritualism's Role in Deception

Mar-06-08 - The Spirits and the Sunday Law Issue

Mar-06-09 - The False Revival

Mar-06-10 - How the Image to the Beast Evolves

Mar-06-11 - The Sabbath Proclaimed More Fully

Mar-06-12 - Second Angel's Message to be Repeated

Mar-06-13 - Sabbath vs Sunday Issue Joins

Mar-06-14 - Symbolism of the Three Angels' Messages

Mar-06-15 - Armed Conflict in the Last Days

Mar-06-16 - Troublous Times Right Upon Us

Mar-06-17 - Calamities Blamed on God's People

Mar-06-18 - Wisdom Needed by Sabbathkeepers

Mar-06-19 - Sunday Missionary Work

Mar-06-20 - God's Law Made Void in America

Mar-06-21 - The Sign to Leave Large Cities

Mar-06-22 - Food and Lands in the Last Days

Mar-06-23 - Labor Unions and Trusts

Mar-06-24 - Forbidden to Buy or Sell

Mar-06-25 - Work the Cities from Outposts

Mar-06-26 - Relief of Physical Suffering

Mar-06-27 - The Sunday Law is Invoked

Mar-06-28 - Protestantism Unites with the Papacy

Mar-06-29 - Two Great Classes of Christians

Mar-06-30 - Confusion of Many Voices

Mar-07-01 - The Threefold Union of Religion

Mar-07-02 - Satan and the Threefold Union

Mar-07-03 - The Corruption of Truth

Mar-07-04 - The United States in Prophecy

Mar-07-05 - Persecution by Protestants and Catholics

Mar-07-06 - Persecuted for Christ's Sake

Mar-07-07 - Former Brethren Worst Persecutors

Mar-07-08 - Betrayed by Friends and Relatives

Mar-07-09 - Under Threat of Death

Mar-07-10 - Martyrs in the Last Days

Mar-07-11 - The Shaking Time

Mar-07-12 - A View of the Shaking

Mar-07-13 - Unity and Separation

Mar-07-14 - The Church Appears About to Fall

Mar-07-15 - The Purification of the Church

Mar-07-16 - Satan Personates Christ

Mar-07-17 - Satan Personates Christ

Mar-07-18 - Satanic Miracles

Mar-07-19 - Satanic Miracles

Mar-07-20 - God's People Brought to the Test

Mar-07-21 - Sights of a Supernatural Character

Mar-07-22 - The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast

Mar-07-23 - The Sealing and the Latter Rain

Mar-07-24 - The Remnant and the Sealing

Mar-07-25 - All Nations Follow America's Lead

Mar-07-26 - The Beginning of the End

Mar-07-27 - National Ruin Follows National Apostasy

Mar-07-28 - The World Against God's People

Mar-07-29 - The Angel of Revelation 18

Mar-07-30 - The Early and the Latter Rain

Mar-07-31 - High Time to Awake

Mar-08-01 - 'In These Hours of Probation'

Mar-08-02 - The Substance of Moral Character

Mar-08-03 - Character a Quality of the Soul

Mar-08-04 - Christ Our Helper and Redeemer

Mar-08-05 - High Spiritual State Attainable

Mar-08-06 - Reaching the Height of Christian Perfection

Mar-08-07 - Perfection in the Human Sphere

Mar-08-08 - Honorable in Motive and Action

Mar-08-09 - Overcoming Bad Habits

Mar-08-10 - Sanctification of the Whole Man

Mar-08-11 - In Harmony with His Law

Mar-08-12 - Counterfeit Sanctification

Mar-08-13 - Impressions, Feelings, and Drugs

Mar-08-14 - Drums, Dancing and Noise

Mar-08-15 - No Room for Boasting

Mar-08-16 - Salvation Day by Day

Mar-08-17 - The Meaning of Conversion

Mar-08-18 - Sanctification is for Sabbathkeepers

Mar-08-19 - Sound the Note of Alarm

Mar-08-20 - The Pure Mark of Truth

Mar-08-21 - Who Receive the Seal

Mar-08-22 - Time of Sealing Soon Over

Mar-08-23 - Angels can Read God's Mark

Mar-08-24 - A Sign that Distinguishes God's People

Mar-08-25 - Importance and Glory of the Sabbath

Mar-08-26 - The Sabbath is God's Mark

Mar-08-27 - Study the Subject of the Sanctuary

Mar-08-28 - Cleansing of the Sanctuary

Mar-08-29 - Instruction from the Sanctuary in Heaven

Mar-08-30 - Judging the Cases of the Living

Mar-08-31 - The Investigative Judgment

Mar-09-01 - Standing Before Courts and Councils

Mar-09-02 - Witnessing Before the Great Men of the Earth

Mar-09-03 - Prepare to Meet Thy God

Mar-09-04 - Promise of Divine Help

Mar-09-05 - Another Pentecost Coming

Mar-09-06 - The Battle of Armageddon Joins

Mar-09-07 - Future Events Come in Order

Mar-09-08 - A Little Time of Peace

Mar-09-09 - The Peace and Safety Cry

Mar-09-10 - God's Work is Finished

Mar-09-11 - God Intervenes on Behalf of His People

Mar-09-12 - Human Probation Closes

Mar-09-13 - Close of Probation Passes Unnoticed

Mar-09-14 - A Time of Trouble Such as Never Was

Mar-09-15 - The Four Winds Loosed

Mar-09-16 - Seven Last Plagues Begin to Fall

Mar-09-17 - The Death Decree Issued

Mar-09-18 - Marked for Death

Mar-09-19 - Angelic Protection in the Time of Trouble

Mar-09-20 - The Wicked During the Plagues

Mar-09-21 - The Time of Jacob's Trouble

Mar-09-22 - Why the Time of Trouble

Mar-09-23 - God's Eye is Upon His People

Mar-09-24 - The Great Time of Trouble

Mar-09-25 - The Crowning Act of Deception

Mar-09-26 - No Martyrs After Probation Closes

Mar-09-27 - God's People Delivered

Mar-09-28 - Midnight Deliverance

Mar-09-29 - God Overturns Nature

Mar-09-30 - The Special Resurrection

Mar-10-01 - The Special Resurrection of the Unjust

Mar-10-02 - The Elements Melt with Fervent Heat

Mar-10-03 - A Graphic Illustration of the Seventh Plague

Mar-10-04 - The Earth Flees from its Maker

Mar-10-05 - God's Law Appears in the Heavens

Mar-10-06 - The Day and Hour of Christ's Coming Announced

Mar-10-07 - Gleams of the Golden Morning

Mar-10-08 - The Second Coming of Christ

Mar-10-09 - In the Dens and Caves of the Earth

Mar-10-10 - Christ's Appearance at His Second Coming

Mar-10-11 - Judgment at the Second Advent

Mar-10-12 - They that Pierced Him

Mar-10-13 - The Wicked Slay Each Other

Mar-10-14 - The Wrath of the Lamb

Mar-10-15 - God Intervenes in Armageddon

Mar-10-16 - The Nature of the Final Battle

Mar-10-17 - Be Ye Also Ready

Mar-10-18 - The General Resurrection of the Righteous

Mar-10-19 - Victory of the Sleeping Saints

Mar-10-20 - Mysteries of the Resurrection

Mar-10-21 - Life Eternal Begins Now

Mar-10-22 - We shall Recognize Each Other

Mar-10-23 - The Blessed Hope

Mar-10-24 - Translation of the Righteous

Mar-10-25 - The Earth Depopulated

Mar-10-26 - Satan is Bound

Mar-10-27 - Families will be Reunited

Mar-10-28 - Crowns Being Prepared for the Faithful

Mar-10-29 - A Crown for Every Child of God

Mar-10-30 - Our Redemption Draweth Nigh

Mar-10-31 - His Reward is with Him

Mar-11-01 - The Captivity of Satan and His Angels

Mar-11-02 - We shall Meet Our Guardian Angels

Mar-11-03 - Welcome to the City of God

Mar-11-04 - Unspeakable Gladness

Mar-11-05 - The Gratitude of the Redeemed

Mar-11-06 - Heaven is Cheap Enough

Mar-11-07 - Home at Last

Mar-11-08 - Surprises When We Get to Heaven

Mar-11-09 - Satisfying Answers

Mar-11-10 - Set Your Affections on Things Above

Mar-11-11 - The Reward of the Redeemed Above

Mar-11-12 - Eye Hath Not Seen, Nor Ear Heard

Mar-11-13 - Life-Giving Fruit

Mar-11-14 - The Bow-Circled Throne

Mar-11-15 - We Shall See the King

Mar-11-16 - The One Hundred Forty-Four Thousand

Mar-11-17 - The Great Multitude of the Redeemed

Mar-11-18 - The Soul Winner's Reward

Mar-11-19 - Think on Heavenly Things

Mar-11-20 - The Glories of the Heavenly World

Mar-11-21 - Look at Things Eternal

Mar-11-22 - Blessed are they that Wash their Robes

Mar-11-23 - The Millennial Judgment

Mar-11-24 - Christ Again Returns to the Earth

Mar-11-25 - Satan Loosed from His Prison

Mar-11-26 - The Wicked Prepare to Attack the New Jerusalem

Mar-11-27 - The Last Judgment

Mar-11-28 - Every Work will be Brought into Judgment

Mar-11-29 - Christ is Judge

Mar-11-30 - Rewards and Punishments

Mar-12-01 - The Panoramic Scene Above the Holy City

Mar-12-02 - Historical Persons Present at the Judgment

Mar-12-03 - The Wicked Acknowledge God's Justice

Mar-12-04 - God's Character Vindicated

Mar-12-05 - Sin and Sinners Destroyed

Mar-12-06 - Only One Reminder of Sin

Mar-12-07 - We Belong to the Royal Family

Mar-12-08 - Satisfying Employment

Mar-12-09 - The New Heavens and the New Earth

Mar-12-10 - No More Death, Ever

Mar-12-11 - Inheritance of the Saved

Mar-12-12 - Garden of Eden Restored

Mar-12-13 - Glories of the Eternal World

Mar-12-14 - At Home in the New Jerusalem

Mar-12-15 - The Immortal Inheritance

Mar-12-16 - The Church Triumphant

Mar-12-17 - Unexpected Recompense

Mar-12-18 - New Earth Activities

Mar-12-19 - Incomparable Music

Mar-12-20 - Our Saviour's Highest Honor

Mar-12-21 - The School of the Hereafter

Mar-12-22 - Christ will be Our Teacher

Mar-12-23 - Our Study in Ages to Come

Mar-12-24 - Inexhaustible Themes

Mar-12-25 - The Universe Our Field of Study

Mar-12-26 - Worlds Upon Worlds to be Visited

Mar-12-27 - Speculations Concerning the New Earth

Mar-12-28 - Christ's Kingdom of Love

Mar-12-29 - The Sabbath in the Hereafter

Mar-12-30 - Eternal Security

Mar-12-31 - What Eternity Holds for the Redeemed


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