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Download all the "Spaulding-Magan Collection" chapters in a zip file

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Spaulding-Magan Collection

Narrated by Ralph Martin

SpM001 - Copy of Three Early Visions

SpM002 - Praying for the Sick

SpM003 - The Bible in the Public Schools

SpM004 - Domestic Education

SpM005 - Authors and Subjects in Our Schools

SpM006 - Battle Creek and the Southern Field

SpM007 - Sunday Labor - And the Way to Oppose Error

SpM008 - Methods of Work in the Southern Field

SpM009 - Prescott - April 29 1896

SpM009.1 - Diet for Workers and Sick

SpM010 - Forwardness and Consolidation

SpM011 - Temperance in Diet

SpM013 - Meat Eating

SpM014 - The Essential Education

SpM015 - Our School Work

SpM016 - True Education

SpM017 - Controlling Brethren

SpM018 - Exercise Versus Amusement

SpM018.1 - Behavior of Students

SpM019 - Words to the Young

SpM020 - Hearing and Doing

SpM021 - Unity in Work and in Counsel

SpM022 - Dress Reform

SpM023 - Study for Time and Eternity

SpM024 - Short Work in School

SpM025 - Rational Education

SpM026 - Training an Army of Missionaries

SpM027 - To Teachers

SpM028 - Adopting Infant Children

SpM029 - Principles of Finance

SpM030 - The Need of Harmonious Action Among Teachers

SpM031 - Life in Medical Missionary Work

SpM032-33 - Practical Missionary Work a Branch of Education

SpM034 - Financial, Social, and Spiritual Education

SpM035 - School Finance

SpM036 - The Education Our Schools Should Bring

SpM037 - A Satanic Program

SpM038 - Bible Teaching in our Schools

SpM039 - Dealing with Delinquent Students

SpM040 - The Review and Herald and the College Debt

SpM041 - School Diet

SpM041.1 - W_C_White to P_T_Magan (1899)

SpM041.2 - W_C_White to G_A_Erwin (1899)

SpM042 - Help to be Given to our Schools

SpM043 - Kingly Power

SpM044 - The Regular Lines

SpM045 - Neglect of the Southern Field

SpM046 - The Work of COL & the Barrien Springs School

SpM047 - The Church School

SpM048 - Lines Regular and Irregular

SpM048.1 - St Helena Aug 6 1901 (no title)

SpM049 - Student Teachers

SpM050 - The School at Berrien Springs

SpM051 - Faith Under Discouragements

SpM052 - Help for Berrien Springs

SpM053 - The Necessity of a Close Walk with God

SpM054 - Results of Indulgence in Meat-Eating

SpM055 - Meat Diet and Life in Cities

SpM056 - Selection of Sanitarium Workers

SpM057 - Systematic Giving

SpM058 - The Use of the Tithe

SpM059 - The Work in Nashville

SpM060 - Instruction Regarding the Southern Work

SpM061 - The Use of Talents

SpM062 - The Trees of the Lord

SpM063 - The Mantle of Christ

SpM064 - Counsels In Reform

SpM065 - Unwise Changes

SpM066 - The Work at Berrien Springs

SpM067 - A Call to Service

SpM068 - The School of the Home

SpM069 - Consolidation and Control

SpM070 - September 3

SpM071 - The Influence of Diet on Council-Meetings

SpM072 - Establishing Schools in the South

SpM073 - Instruction in Regard to Sanitariums

SpM074 - Strong Minds and Weak Stomachs

SpM075 - Counsels on Health and the Southern Field

SpM076 - Points in Diet

SpM077 - The Work of Our Fernando School

SpM078 - Professionalism Versus Simplicity

SpM079 - The Work in the South

SpM080 - Our Attitude Toward the Work and Workers in the Southern Field

SpM081 - Principles for the Guidance of Men in Positions of Responsibility

SpM082 - The Work in the Southern Field

SpM083 - To the Teachers of the Fernando School

SpM084 - To Those in Charge of the Fernando School

SpM085 - To the Students of the Fernando School

SpM086 - Right Principles of Management

SpM087 - To Those in Council at Battle Creek

SpM088 - To Our Brethren in Council at Battle Creek

SpM089 - Be Strong, and of Good Courage

SpM090 - The Reopening of Battle Creek College and the Fault of Large Institutions

SpM091 - Bound Not to Men But to God

SpM092 - To the Leaders in Our Medical Work

SpM093 - Be Not Weary in Well-Doing

SpM094 - The Training of Medical Missionaries

SpM095 - The Development of the Medical Missionary Work

SpM096 - Teach the Word

SpM097 - A Warning of Danger

SpM098 - The Battle Creek College Debt

SpM099 - Giving Heed to Seducing Spirits

SpM100 - Proposed Plan for Book Education

SpM101 - Stepping Off the Platform

SpM102 - The Specious Working of Satan

SpM103 - A New Conversion Needed

SpM104 - God Above All

SpM105 - Work Misrepresented

SpM106 - Unify

SpM106.1 - Remarks Made at Berrien Springs

SpM106.2 - Extracts from Talks at the Lake Union Conference

SpM107 - The Huntsville School

SpM108 - The Necessity of Harmony

SpM109 - The Signing of Agreements

SpM110 - The Closing of the Southern Field

SpM111 - The Work in the Southern States

SpM112 - Will You Help

SpM113 - Unity Not Consolidation

SpM114 - Pioneers in the South

SpM115 - The Conditions in Nashville

SpM116 - Judge Not

SpM117 - The Madison Sanitarium

SpM118 - Harmonize As Christian Workers

SpM119 - We Must Not Pull Apart

SpM120 - Simplicity in Treatments

SpM121 - Local Health Foods

SpM122 - The Work At Madison

SpM123 - Silence Is Eloquence

SpM124 - Cautions to a Reformer

SpM125 - Help the Workers

SpM126 - Awake Awake Awake

SpM127 - Do Not Colonize

SpM128 - Helping the Madison School

SpM129 - Support to Be Given Madison

SpM130 - Encourage the Workers

SpM131 - The Right Use of Means

SpM132 - A Broader Work

SpM133 - A Missionary Field

SpM134 - All Ye Are Brethren

SpM135 - The Work God Has Appointed

SpM136 - The Right of Way to the Footstool of Christ

SpM137 - Go Not to Human Agencies

SpM138 - Health Reform Essential for These Times

SpM139 - To Those Bearing Responsibilities in Washington and Other Centers

SpM140 - An Appeal For the Madison School

SpM141 - Backsliding in Health Reform

SpM142 - Home Schools

SpM143 - The Aim of Our School Work

SpM144 - Is Man to be a Dictator

SpM144.1 - On Degrees - Oct29 1908 W C White

SpM145 - Work For Every Member of the Family

SpM146 - Call Your Forces Into Action

SpM147 - A Division of Large Companies

SpM148 - The True Higher Education

SpM149 - The Hillcrest School

SpM150 - To Our People in the Southern States

SpM151 - W.C.W. The Work in the South

SpM152 - The Last Days of Mrs E. G. White

SpM153 - A Message For Our Young People

SpM154 - I Know My Work is Done

SpM155 - I Go Only a Little Before the Others

SpM156 - Unto Him Be Glory

SpM156.1 - Longs For Rest

SpM156.2 - Apendix - Extremes

SpM157 - We Are Laborers Together

SpM158 - Who Has Told Sister White

SpM158.1 - The Integrity of the Testimonies for the Church - W C White Nov25 1905

SpM158.2 - A Sure Basis of Beliefs

SpM159 - A Messenger

SpM159.1 - The Discern of Spiritual Things

SpM159.2 - The Use and Abuse of the Testimonies - GCB 1899 - David Paulson


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