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Download all the "Testimony Treasures, Volume 3" chapters in a zip file

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Testimony Treasures, Volume 3

TT3-01 - Preparation for the Final Crisis

TT3-02 - The Observance of the Sabbath

TT3-03 - Giving to God His Own

TT3-04 - Christ in All the Bible

TT3-05 - Our Attitude Toward the Civil Authorities

TT3-06 - The Church and the Ministry

TT3-07 - The Home Missionary Work

TT3-08 - Help for Mission Fields

TT3-09 - The Claim of Redemption

TT3-10 - Work for Church Members

TT3-11 - The Work in the Cities

TT3-12 - Family Worship

TT3-13 - Responsibilities of Married Life

TT3-14 - The Knowledge of Health Principles

TT3-15 - The High Calling of Our Sanitarium Workers

TT3-16 - Out of the Cities

TT3-17 - Consideration in Buildings

TT3-18 - Centralization

TT3-19 - The Sign of Our Order

TT3-20 - The Sabbath in Our Restaurants

TT3-21 - Healthful Foods

TT3-22 - Educate the People

TT3-23 - God's Purpose in Our Publishing Houses

TT3-24 - Our Denominational Literature

TT3-25 - Commercial Work

TT3-26 - Publishing Houses in Mission Fields

TT3-27 - The Church and the Publishing House

TT3-28 - Sacredness of God's Instrumentalities

TT3-29 - Co-operation

TT3-30 - Self-Control and Fidelity

TT3-31 - Danger From Improper Reading

TT3-32 - Faith and Courage

TT3-33 - Committee Meetings

TT3-34 - Church Discipline

TT3-35 - The Commission

TT3-36 - The Promise of the Spirit

TT3-37 - The Work at Home and Abroad

TT3-38 - The Work in Europe

TT3-39 - A View of the Conflict

TT3-40 - A Neglected Warning

TT3-41 - The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast

TT3-42 - Our Burden Bearer

TT3-43 - The Study of God's Word

TT3-44 - The Value of the Word of God

TT3-45 - Leadership

TT3-46 - One With Christ in God

TT3-47 - Lay Members to Go Forth

TT3-48 - Shall We Be Found Wanting_

TT3-49 - Homeward Bound

TT3-50 - The Laws of Nature

TT3-51 - A Personal God

TT3-52 - Danger in Speculative Knowledge

TT3-53 - The Last Crisis

TT3-54 - Called to Be Witnesses

TT3-55 - Home Missionary Work

TT3-56 - The Need of Earnest Effort

TT3-57 - Our Publications

TT3-58 - Circulate the Publications

TT3-59 - A Broader View

TT3-60 - Camp Meeting Instruction in Soul Winning

TT3-61 - Conditions in the Cities

TT3-62 - A Present-Day Work

TT3-63 - An Appeal to Laymen

TT3-64 - Faithfulness in Health Reform

TT3-65 - A Plea for Medical Missionary Evangelists

TT3-66 - The College of Medical Evangelists

TT3-67 - Unity Among Different Nationalities

TT3-68 - Unity in Christ Jesus

TT3-69 - Christ's Relation to Nationality

TT3-70 - A Time of Trial Before Us

TT3-71 - Sunday Labor

TT3-72 - Beneficence

TT3-73 - The Spirit of Independence

TT3-74 - A Distribution of Responsibility

TT3-75 - In Humility and Faith

TT3-76 - Well-Balanced Leadership

TT3-77 - “I Am But a Little Child”

TT3-78 - The Reward of Earnest Effort

TT3-79 - Courage in the Lord

TT3-80 - A Parting Word of Confidence


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