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 Welfare Ministry
Narrated by Ralph Martin


Section I
The Divine Philosophy of Suffering and Poverty

1. Why Poverty and Distress?
2. Christ's Sympathy for Suffering Humanity

Section II
God's Program for His Church

3. Isaiah 58-- A Divine Prescription
4. This Is Pure Religion
5. The Parable of the Good Samaritan

Section III
The New Testament Pattern

6. Our Example in Welfare Ministry
7. Visitation--The New Testament Plan
8. Dorcas--Her Ministry and Its Influence

Section IV
Neighborhood Evangelism

9. Types of Work in Neighborhood Evangelism
10. Kindness the Key to Hearts
11. How to Visit and What to Do
12. The Effectiveness of Visitation Evangelism
13. Organizing the Church for Welfare Ministry

Section V
Relieving Suffering Humanity

14. In the Footsteps of the Master
15. Medical Ministry in the Homes
16. Preparing for Last-Day Crises and Disasters

Section VI
The Dorcas Movement in the Church

17. Women Called to the Work
18. Qualifications of Women for Service
19. The Influence of Christian Women

Section VII
The Poor

20. Ministry to the Poor
21. The Poor in the Church
22. The Poor of the World
23. Helping the Poor to Help Themselves
24. Poor to Exercise Benevolence

Section VIII
The Unfortunate

25. Our Duty to the Unfortunate
26. Help and Encouragement for Widows
27. The Care of Orphans
28. Adopting Children
29. The Care of the Aged
30. Our Responsibility to the Blind

Section IX
The Outcasts

31. Working for Outcasts
32. Cautions Sounded
33. The Call for a Balanced Work

Section X
Financial Resources for Welfare Work

34. Our Individual Responsibility
35. Releasing the Streams of Benevolence
36. Specific Funds for Welfare Work
37. The Wealth of the Gentiles
38. Food Sales
39. Forbidden Money-raising Methods

Section XI
The Fruitage of Welfare Ministry

40. The Influence of Neighborhood Ministry
41. Reflex Blessings
42. The Present and Eternal Rewards

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